Trade Association of British Umbrella Companies

Ensuring compliance, fairness, and equality for UK umbrella companies.

Trade Association of British Umbrella Companies or TABUC for short, was created with the main objective to ensure a compliant, level playing field in the industry for all.

Providing industry-specific support and guidance to our members. Our focus will be on building trusting relationships with our members, recruitment agencies, end clients, and the UK’s regulatory bodies promoting the use of compliant umbrella companies.

The founding members are all Directors of UK Based Umbrella Companies, culminating over 50 years of experience.

According to UK’s Labour Market Enforcement report 2018/19 by Matthew Taylor; “The Government has committed to introduce legislation that will bring umbrella companies within the remit of the EAS (Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate). This requires primary legislation, which, we have been told by BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy), will be introduced as soon as the parliamentary timetable allows.”

It is imperative that umbrella companies and PEO’s (Professional Employment Organisations) have a representative of the industry at the table for these discussions. TABUC will be that representative and we have already opened a dialogue with the BEIS/EAS to ensure that this is the case.

Full membership of TABUC will rely upon members gaining certification from ERA Services. This will help to open the sector to all compliant umbrella companies and PEOs’ and allow greater engagement between those within the labour supply chain under the new and clearer regulatory direction. A more level playing field is quickly approaching, which will be good news for everyone in the sector.

If you would like more information before we go live please contact or call 0161 828 4120 alternatively complete the form below for a call back.